The purpose of this essential service is to quickly identify downtime-determining problems in order to allow our Customer to restart their ordinary production activity as soon as possible, and at a reasonable cost. In order to reach our purpose we avail ourselves of: an adequate number of technicians straight from our in-house personnel for the most critical activities, and collaborating with Goglio Milling Systems authorized workshops located in various Italian regions. Continuous presence of phone operators with great experience for the detection of the problem on the phone. tools that are always ready appropriate, always available tools, stored with care and chose among the best available on market spare parts that are always available and easy to find we organize our warehouse on the basis of codes that statistically feature more frequent failures and of machine types. The spare parts has its original price, a management cost, and a stocking cost. It is necessary to find the right compromise for a prompt solution of average failures during the year. A good assistance service can also manage the spare parts issue by suggesting the appropriate maintenance operations, or by detecting the defects many Customers put up with for years, sometimes without even knowing. Technical documentation and drawings with relevant updates Support technical reports in case of serious and hard-to-solve problems. The presence of effective documentation helps greatly to reduce the potential for errors and hence inefficiency. It also helps acting more confidently and quickly by identifying potential defects and making improvements that a designer would otherwise not notice.