Our product philosophy

Goglio Milling Systems designs its machines according to some fundamental guidelines:
SYMMETRY. The application of this principle makes the design of all main units of the machine easier. The result is a longer working life of the machine, and a precision that is preserves over time.
STRUCTURAL RIGIDITY AND REDUCTION OF VIBRATIONS.The whole structure, and the materials used, are dimensioned to reduce to the minimum the vibrations that are produced during
operation, while exploiting to the maximum the static and dynamic performances of the machine. DYNAMICS. A harmonic balance between masses, accelerations, motion inversions, inertias, barycentres of units in movement, and sliding systems.
DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING of high performance lector-spindles.
MAXIMUM EXPLOITATION OF THE SPINDLE MOTOR, which means the conception of the whole machine around this point.
Feeds, power, torque, RPM/1.
GREAT ACCESSIBILITY for both extraordinary and ordinary maintenance.
Great accessibility to the spindle during maintenance operations thanks to our rapid system for the removal of the whole head unit.
MAXIMUM ATTENTION TO ALL OPERATIONAL NEEDS OF THE CUSTOMER. This means that we design the whole machine taking into account its daily use by the operator, foreseeing all possible unexpected occurrences.
All our Company resources are engaged in the prevention of unexpected occurrences, in order to reduce standstill time to the minimum.
MACHINE EFFICIENCY. Each component, from the smallest to the biggest, affects, through its reliability coefficient, the overall efficiency of the machine. For this reason, we choose only the best components available in the marke