Our History

A story like many others. Extraordinary like many stories coming from the Italian small and medium-sized enterprises. During the years of the national economic boom (the Sixties), Mr. Goglio started his activity as supplier of machining for third parties. His passion for mechanical manufacturing and issues related to the daily need to be competitive, pushed him to study more into details his machines working. This enthusiastic need made him produce in 1976 his own first milling machine. The machine is precise and reliable, and success soon comes. Along the years the activity of the Company concentrates on the design and production of machine tools. In 1994, as a consequence of a company reorganization, Goglio s.n.c. today Goglio Milling Systems s.r.l. started life. Today, at Goglio Milling Systems, we keep working with the same motivation. We have a genuine passion for CNC milling machines, because they are able to transform shapeless items into highly-detailed products, as a result of industrial analyses, often very complex, organized by human intelligence and fed by human mind